CKBy Chris Zumani Zimba (UNILUS-PHD Scholar; OSNA-MA; UNZA-BA; and ZIDIS-CERT)

When young David stood far and heard the breezing malicious attacks, abusive insults and unprecedented vulgarity against the chosen children of God-the Israelites from the mighty Philistine warrior-Goliath, the youngest son of Jesse became highly provoked, angered and consequently vowed in his spirit to enter the hostile battle and deadly waring arena to fight, revenge and redeem the name of the Lord. This was despite the fact that Goliath was physically huge, a fearsome barbarian and renowned warrior while young David was merely a small handsome boy, a sheep caretaker and courageous young Israelite.  Due to the nature of verbal insults and mental provocation, the fight between David and Goliath became the first unconventional one both in Palestine and ancient world where an ill-trained as well as poorly armed boy volunteered to sacrifice his own life by facing to fight a renowned mighty soldier, skilled commander and heavily armed warrior. As strange and irrational as it may appear, the fight between David and Goliath is empirical and remains one of the most known and popularized battles of the antiquity age.

In the same manner, it is not strange to see Hon. Kambwili becoming and behaving as Goliath-a bitter and addicted man of war who always schemed and lived to insult, threaten, defame and attack others even for no apparent reason. To observers like us, we see Hon. Kambwili to be inspired by the story of Goliath. For example, while he is on record to have consistently assaulted and branded the Tonga people of Southern province in 2016 to be devoted tribalists and baptized nepotists who can reject Jesus Christ in preference to their Tonga politician in any political race, Hon. Kambwili is now on record to have gone back to the Tonga people to apologize for his ‘Goliath insults and provocations’ against them on pretext that he was demon possessed when he uttered the remarks. But which pastor or prophet delivered him from his vulgar demons of political insults, hate speeches, character assassinations, thuggery provocations and verbal attacks on political rivals?  If he truly repented and got delivered from the political and spiritual demons of Goliath, why is he still behaving and talking the same today against President Lungu, Cabinet Ministers, senior PF leaders and government officials now that he is no longer in Cabinet and party? Truly, this is where, how and why Hon. Kambwili just like Goliath confirms his political bitterness, malice, impunity, vulgarity, hypocrisy and madness.

Hon. Kambwili who was banished from President Lungu’s Cabinet unceremoniously and later unanimously expelled from the Patriotic Front (PF) ruling party this year has become politically too bitter and mad to the extent that most of the time he speaks, one can overtly tell that the Roan MP is on a vengeful and destructive national crusade to insult, assault, provoke, attack, defame and destroy President Lungu, his Cabinet Ministers, Senior PF leaders and top government officials. While claiming that he is still PF as well as a true anti-corruption advocate, the visibly bitter and embattled Roan lawmaker has recently taken the media by fire and thunder with breezing political missiles on the President and his top party and government officials through daily and/or weekly political attacks, abusive insults, hate speeches, character assassinations, malicious vulgarity and pure provocations. Now that he was fired from government and the party, everyone and everything in government and the PF has become ‘corruption’ to him. At every moment he is given chance to speak to the media or people, Hon. Kambwili takes President Lungu and his top party and government officials as his sole subjects of malicious attacks, character assassinations, defamatory provocations and abusive threats as Goliath did to the children of Israel.

After more than 25 years of enjoying a health multiparty democracy, Hon. Kambwili whether he is with the ruling party as Cabinet Minister and government spokesperson or in the opposition after expulsion is one of the few ‘negative mouthed politicians’ who are taking Zambia’s political gains around health democratic debates and good governance backward.  For instance, within the first week of October, 2017 on a named radio station, Hon, Kambwili insulted and assaulted Mrs. Mumbi Phiri, the PF Deputy Secretary General that she ‘pretends to be married to a wealth husband’ when he was the one at some point who was helping to buy paper tissues for her toilet. After being heavily condemned by the public from all walks of life, Hon. Kambwili only apologized on his Facebook wall that he was very sorry for the disrespectful remarks against Mrs. Phiri as she is a close family friend-very clear confirmation that his political bitterness, malice, impunity, hypocrisy and vulgarity has now reached the highest level of mental madness to the extent that he does not think though or know some things he utters.

In any human society, Hon. Kambwili can be a sure target of possible verbal or/and physical attack in the usual human spirit of either retaliation or self-defense by those he rationally insults and maliciously provokes with unexplainable verbal insults and unprecedented vulgarity with impunity just like the case of Goliath in the Bible. When one embarks on a vicious mission to maliciously insult, rationally abuse, intentionally attack and satanically provoke others just like as Hon. Kwambwili has become from the time he was expelled from PF and Cabinet, one risk to receive retaliatory blessings from some of the group members he/she maliciously insults, abuses, provokes and attacks just like young David reacted against Goliath to rescue and end the political assassination, hate speech, vulgarity, defamation and shame. For example, on 4th October, 2017 during one of the tea breaks at the National Assembly, Hon.Kambwili is on record to have as usual emerged tall with unprecedented insults, heavy hate speeches, shocking vulgarity, bizarre character assassinations, abusive provocations and physical attacks in their faces and against Hon. Bowman Lusambo, the Copperbelt Minister and Hon. Jean Kapata, the Lands Minister, the savage behavior and hostile act which compelled the duo to act in self-defense.

Empirically speaking as demonstrated above, it is not wrong to stress and conclude that Zambia’s Hon. Chishimba Kambwili has gone politically mad, vulgar, provocative and physical like the story of Goliath in the Bible. The Roan MP who was repeatedly warned by the then PF Secretary General, Winter Kabimba for his fraudulent and embezzlement habit of collecting money for personal use in the name of the party when he was a government Cabinet Minister from private companies especially the mining firms seem to now indulged in bitter, malicious, hypocritical and destructive politics as opposed to the much desired issue based and constructive politics. And if Zambian politics will continue to birth or multiply bitter, abusive, malicious, vulgar, provocative, hypocritical and mad politicians such as Hon. Kambwili, then our young democracy is not only defiled and cursed, but the fact remains that the republican dream of sustaining national unity, political stability and good governance is certainly stubbed and overtly poisoned, this is where, why and how democracy bleeds and suffocates across the African continent.

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