Chris Zumani Zimba, Political Scientist, Author, PhD Scholar, Lecturer and Consultant

  1. Trump 3.jpgWith all his personal weaknesses, I personally like Donald Trump for one reason: he is an honest politician and frank President who does not hide what he thinks or believes. In Trump unlike many African Presidents, there is no policy ambiguity or political hypocrisy which is a rare strength;
  2. With high levels of kleptocracy (rule by theft) and open corruption across the continent among political leaders in countries such as Uganda, DR Congo, Gambia, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Togo, Kenya, Mali, Algeria or Sudan, Trump is right that Africa is a ‘shithole’ continent as most African politicians are mainly looting public resources to make themselves ‘sweetholes’ while their majority voters are increasingly becoming ‘bitterholes’;
  3. With masses of its citizens illegally risking their lives and even dying in numbers as they cross the high seas and oceans to enter Europe and America every day as they run away from visible poverty, misery, unemployment, starvation and hunger, there is no way Donald Trump could wrongly say that Africa is a ‘sugarhole’ region like Europe or North America;
  4. In many parts of the region, the state enforcement system-the police does not exist while vulnerable citizens dangerously live either by faith in terms of safety, survival of the fittest or walk long distances to find the nearest under functional police station or post. Honestly speaking, can such a region be a ‘sugarhole’ continent?
  5. Empirically, there is no way Africa can be mistakenly called a ‘sweethole’ region such as Europe and North America when the health, education, sanitation or welfare system is generally pathetic or dead in many places while its majority citizens swim and suffer from visible poverty, misery, unemployment, starvation, hunger, undernourishment, cholera, malaria, HIV, cancers, etc;
  6. The AU just like many African states is always and consistently on its knees begging for donor funding from America, China, EU, World Bank, etc as many of its member states are financially poor and politically malfunctional. With all integrity, could such a continent be respected as ‘sweethole’ regional body especially by known white racists like Donald Trump?
  7. How can Africa be called a ‘sugarhole’ region when most Africans especially Nigerians, Senegalese and Congolese who leave the continent for America or Europe openly denounce their home countries and refuse to come back to their respective ‘bitterhole’ huts?
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, let us accept that a ‘shithole’ is a ‘shithole’ and most part of Africa is what our politicians have made it to be so far. We should not use emotions to insult an honest and frank person like Trump for telling us the truth about our current situation;
  9. Instead, we need to take deep reflections and push ourselves and our political leaders to make Africa a ‘sweethole’ continent so that in future, our children will also be respected for living in and being citizens of a ‘sugarhole’ region like America, Australia and Europe.  Currently, Africa is generally either a ‘shithole’ or ‘bitterhole’ if not both; and
  10. Lastly, how can the UN or AU ask Trump to apologize for calling Africa a ‘shithole’ when everyone knows that the current US President is an open religious racist who has less respects for Blacks and Muslims? This is the man who openly campaigned to make America Great Again and was fully endorsed and supported by ‘white neo Nazis’.

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