Chris Zumani Zimba, Political Scientist, Author, PhD Scholar, Academician & Special Advisor to the NDC Consultant

CK 2The concept of natural political aggression can be defined as ‘being instinctively self-driven, passionately proactive and patriotically forceful in addressing issues affecting the masses in one’s given society”. By the word ‘natural’, it means one is born with it and not acquired or taught. The word ‘political’ means it has everything to do with one’s leadership and decision making approach for self and others. By ‘aggression’, it means it is expressed with some form of passionate force and not necessarily anger. But how does natural political aggression help someone to become an extraordinary patriotic leader? For us to easily understand this political theory, it is cardinal use empirical evidence of some past and present renowned leaders who inherently possessed, applied and expressed it. In this short article, I choose to identify and discuss only five (5) celebrated public figures who bear natural political aggression traits as classic examples for this discourse as follows:

Jesus Christ of Nazareth: When you read the Gospels, one thing is so different about Jesus Christ as a personal and leader; he was a serious man who was religiously preoccupied with the divine assignment to redeem mankind and rarely joked or laughed. Jesus Christ presented himself a fearless preacher and nonsense evangelist whose earthly sermons and leadership style were marked with natural political aggression. In other words, his positive anger for stubborn sinful mankind was the main fuel for his constant natural political aggression approach due to his divine unconditional love to die and save lost souls on earth. Although he could address his audiences as blood of vipers, a lost generation or children of darkness, Jesus Christ attracted the largest crowds during his earthly life and remains the most celebrated figure on earth today with more than 2 billion followers-more than 2000 years ago after his death. At the center of his life and leadership strength, Jesus Christ possessed and applied natural political aggression-he was born with it and lived it.

Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire:  From childhood Julius Caesar was politically brave and intellectually radical as he openly opposed Emperor Sula and chose to die for his youthful wife than divorce her on the orders of the brutal ruler. One day, youthful Julius Caesar asked statesman Pompey how someone could become loved or popular among the people. Pompey shared a simple secret: “If you want to win the hearts of the people, always speak from your heart and not your heard, and whenever you make a promise, fulfil it. Then the Romans will love and support you naturally”, Pompey responded. With natural political aggression, everywhere Julius Caesar went to address the masses or fight for the Romans, he kept Pompey’s words: always speak or fight from the heart and not the head. This made him one of the most powerful, unstoppable and extraordinary Roman leader to date-natural political aggression was his rare gift of leadership and the Romans felt more loved, respected and better protected during his reign.

Nelson Mandela: Trained as a lawyer and tried to first imitate the non-violent leadership style of Mahatma Gandhi in the liberation struggle, Mandela was possessed with natural political aggression at the sight of oppressed and marginalized black South Africans in his country.  When the apartheid government crushed the non-violent protestors during the Sharpeville Massacre on 21 March 1960, Mandela announced that the chapter of non-violent policy had closed. On 16 December, 1961, Umkhonto weSizwe-‘Spear of the Nation’ (MK) was launched as an armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC) and Mandela became its obvious leader as the lawyer possessed natural political aggression. Although many people know Mandela with his old face of political calmness, diplomacy and reconciliation, the younger and energetic Nelson was politically a revolutionary lawyer, fearless politician, unstoppable patriot and extraordinary ANC leader with distinguished himself with full colors of natural political aggression than  modern Julius Malema.

Martin Luther King Jr: “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals”, King would encourage his followers. This leadership style bears unstoppable patriotism based on natural political aggression.  Martin Luther King Jr was ‘a social activist and Baptist minister who played a key role in the American civil rights movement from the mid-1950s until his assassination in 1968. As a revolutionary leaders who sought equality and human rights for African Americans, the economically disadvantaged and all victims of injustice through peaceful protests, King was extraordinary leaders who always spoke from his heart and not from his head. As such, the oppressive American racists saw him naturally aggressive, politically intelligent and extremely brave to liberate his peers and consequently decided to maliciously kill him.

Julius Malema: On 19th December, 2012, Julius Malema was asked at the Leadership Platform: “What do you regard as the prime tasks and responsibilities of a great leader”? “A great leader must listen to the people and implement the aspirations of those people.  A great leader must be a good listener and be grounded amongst the masses, not be far ahead of the masses…A leader can’t just listen to a faction, you can’t listen to your business associates, you can’t listen to your family members – once you’re a leader you’re a leader of everybody including those who don’t want you.  Your ears must be open to everybody, including those who don’t want you; they must feel comfortable talking to you about what are their issues”, Malema responded. When you ask 20 South Africans who keenly follow their parliamentary debates today, more than 12 you cite Julius Malema as one of their key motivation. Although young and in the opposition, Malema’s popularity has everything to do with what Pompey told Caesar to do: ‘always speak from your heart, not from your head-and every time you promise the masses, fulfil it’. In other words, Julius Malema just like Mandela at his prime possesses and applies natural political aggression.

In conclusion, make no mistake, there are very few people in every community who are self-driven to serve the masses and inherently possess natural political aggression as they pursue their calling; Alexander the Great, Shaka Zulu, Barrack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Chilufya Sata, Margret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Mahatma Gandhi,  Patrice Lumumba, Julius Mwalimu Nyelele or Steve Biko. This is the rare case of Dr. Chishimba Kambwili in Zambia; he possess natural political aggression to courageously speak and pompously fight for the poor Zambians and sidelined masses. At the sight of poverty, unemployment, hunger, misery, rampart corruption and crude abuse of public resources, Kambwili becomes aggrieved in his spirit and naturally angry with the social-economic injustices facing the Zambian poor. This is a mark of unstoppable patriotism and extraordinary leadership that is rare on the market in every generation. For all Christian leaders, natural political aggression is an exceptional good legacy pioneered and championed by Jesus Christ himself.

For Zambians, this is the same extraordinary political face which made Kenneth Kaunda, Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata distinguished leaders. And Fred M’membe was right when he said, “We love Kambwili now that he is in the ‘opposition’ because his aggression is beneficial to the country. He is a perfect opposition figure, and quite frankly, doing what the UPND seems to be struggling to do. We have a lot of confidence in Kambwili as a saviour in the sense that he has the capacity to save Zambia from the PF, although we are very certain that he cannot save the country from its leadership crisis”. In other words, M’membe was simply recognizing how and what Dr. Kambwili can politically do and achieve due to his rare gift of natural political aggression.


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