Chris Zumani Zimba, Political Scientist, Author, PhD Scholar, Lecturer and Consultant

Christian Nation in a Brothel StateFor the past few months, I have repeatedly received a wave of criticisms as well as praise over the captioned book title which I published and launched in 2015. Some pastors described me as a child of Satan while others anointed me as the true voice of God. The debate is welcome and health for my democratic kingdom. Whatever we say or do, Zambia remains empirically a Christian nation in a brother state for drunkards, superstitious and corrupt citizens for now unless we work hard to change the naked truth as a people. Scientific research from all fronts validates my observatory preposition and balanced generalization. For those of us who may not have bought or read the book, this article serves to give you a structured synopsis in terms of the book is packaged, content and context so that you one cheats you around.

Here is my summary preposition on what, why, how and where Zambia stands out as a ‘Christian Nation’:  (1) Christianity is over 100 years as a religion in Zambia; (2) majority Zambians-over 85% are self-confessed Christians; (3) Christianity forms the dominant social and cultural heritage of Zambia; (4) F.T.J. Chiluba could be deemed as the political Moses of Zambia; (5) the Christian declaration could be deemed as a statement of faith and religious Intent; (6) the Christian declaration is a Biblical dedication of Zambia to God;  (7) The Christian declaration is legally consistent with Presidential Powers; (8) the Christian declaration is a statement of political and legal intent and not Substantive Law of the land,   (9)         the Christian declaration is a Symbol of political sovereignty and autonomy for Zambia; (10) Christianity is the political midwife, mother and guardian of Zambia’s multiparty democracy; (11) the Christian declaration is a normal and natural phase for Zambia; (12) Christianity is not an imposed State Religion in Zambia; (13) the Christian declaration is supported by majority Zambians; (14) the Christian declaration is politically harmless and non-discriminatory; (15) the Christian declaration is a uniting factor for many Zambian Christians; and (16) the Christian declaration could be deemed as a catalyst for social, political and economic prosperity.  Even among the most noise ‘Christian Declaration’ defenders, there is no one who has tried to identify and advance upto 10 points to argue for it;  but here we are on my side.

In like manner, the following are some key reasons why I insist that Zambia is a ‘Brothel State’:  (1) Zambia is a ‘Visible Brothel State’ with casual sex hide outs and sex celebrants in every community; (2) commercial sex work or prostitution is the main game for many Zambian women in each district and township; (3) Zambia is now turning into a ‘Sodom and Gomorrah State’ in terms of promiscuity; (4) Zambia is a ‘Chigololo Nation’ with rampart multiple concurrent sexual partnerships, marital separations and divorces everywhere; (5) it is a ‘Sexualholic State’ with rampart teenage pregnancies and early marriages exceeding 20, 000 respectively annually; (6) a ‘Ripe Brothel State’ for Christians surviving on the life support machines of condoms from  the threat of HIV and STIs; (7) a ‘Libido State’ on Life Supporting Machines of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC);  (8) a ‘True Brothel State’ for Christians on donor sponsored ARV good health support and life prolonging solution, not prayers or Bible verses as many pastors mislead and kill their followers; (9) a ‘Fenced Sexual Reproductive State’ with Unborn Generation Preserved by PMTCT since HIV national prevalence is still above 12%; (10)   a ‘Casual Sex Paradise’ ranked the Second Highest with Cervical Cancer;  (11)            an ‘Infidel State’ leading in Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Polygamous Marriages; (12) and a ‘formal Brothel State’ with most religious, state and traditional marriages only secured on the precondition of men/husbands heavily paying to purchase a woman/wife in the name of dowry/lobola.


In the same vein, Zambia is a typical land for alcohol drunkards, superstitious and corrupt citizens for the following reasons: (1) it is a ‘Pagan Nation’ for fulltime sinners that are part-time Christians; (2) a ‘Drunkards Nation’ where Christian Women are Ranked Number One Binge Beer Drinkers in the world; (3) an ‘Alcohol State’ where Bars and Taverns Outnumber Churches in most/all local communities, townships and villages;  (4) a ‘Superstitious State’ for Christians still practicing or believing in witchcraft and juju magic; (5) a ‘Ng’anga land’ where even top government officials are open seekers of Juju magicians and witch doctors; (6) a ‘Ritual Nation’ with the government as the main sponsor of pagan traditional ceremonies, superstitious beliefs and cultural practices; (7) a ‘State of Thieves’ where corruption, embezzlement and plunder of public resources is the order of the day and officially acceptable; (8) a ‘Barbarian Political Empire’ for Christian citizens conducting politics as fulltime sinners and not saints; (9) a ‘Valley State’ with Low leadership inspiration and political integrity for its citizens.


In addition, the Declaration is purely misplaced and wrong for the following Biblical reasons: (1) Zambia does not fit into the Gospel Criteria and Definition of a ‘Christian Nation’; (2) most Zambian Christians are wicked Pharisees; (3) the declaration’ is against the teachings of Jesus Christ (4) the declaration is not Part of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ; (5)          baptizing Earthly territories with Holy legislations contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ; (6) Jesus Christ is against discrimination and segregation; (7)     Zambia is ‘A State of Brood of Vipers’ in the Gospel;  (8) the Rhetoric ‘Christian Declaration’ does not Please Jesus Christ and God; (9)        the declaration closes the doors of Christianity in Islamic States; (10)         the ‘Christian Declaration’ not practiced by the Apostles of Jesus Christ; (11) the declaration as an Old Testament Practice for Ancient Theocracies and Eclesiocracies; (12)  the declaration is imitation of Mediaeval political practice and evil religious doctrine; (13) the declaration makes the Church to Claim false spiritual victory; (14) the declaration makes the Church to lose its societal moral authority;


From the same Bible and political point of view, we also know that: (1) the declaration makes Zambians either holy sinners or wicked saints; (2) the declaration is a political gimmick to appease the Evangelical Zealous Voters; (3) the declaration era of MMD saw more poverty and suffering than secularism era of UNIP; (4) declaration era of MMD introduced and worsened corruption in Zambia; (5) the ‘Christian Declaration’ is an Assault of Logic; (6) the declaration is not the reason for peace in Zambia; (7) the declaration was proclaimed by a crooked politician and amoral man; (8) the declaration is now the dividing factor among Zambian Christians; (9) the declaration is suitable for ‘theocracies’ and not ‘liberal democracies’; (10) the declaration has the potential for the President to impose his personal faith as State Religion; and (12) the declaration was a unilateral proclamation without public outcry or approval.


In conclusion, we need to stress that while it is very difficult to find clean drinking water in many parts of Zambia, it is still mythical to note that alcohol and casual sex have traditionally and increasingly become the easiest and cheapest commodities that one can speedily access anywhere in this Christian nation. The Christian declaration is generally a misplaced political proclamation and falls short of being a good yardstick and source of inspiring public policies and legislations in a country that aspire to be a model liberal democracy unless we want Zambia to become a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia. We need to decide to either have our current democracy or go theocratic because we cannot have both. As such, my policy recommendation is de-Christianization of the constitution and disestablishment of the church from the state by reverting to proper secular democracy if Zambia’s democracy is to be consolidated and sustained. For now, Zambia remains a plastic Christian nation with all forms of godliness but without the power of holiness and God thereof given that it is also a ripe brothel state, typical alcohol republic, approved superstitious empire and overt corrupt kingdom in the region.


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