“Searching for Stability”, Zambia and Africa

Ethnic Map of ZambiaThe wide fissure between Africa and the metropoles implies facing one bitter truth, Europe exploited Africa. However, many metropolitan bourgeois writers hold the reprimand view that colonialism had a good side that possibly outweighed the bad that it brought to Africa, their assertions in their entirety are biased and only suitable for a category of readers. In this book, Mwiza gives a concise deep understanding of Zambia’s search for stability and how the country has faced bitter blows of social, economic and political instability due to colonialism and how the post-independence epoch has been characterized by European ascendancy and deceit that has created stagnation in the African continent, the author also shows how there is a way forward for Zambia than dependence that binds the nation in the chains of ‘freedom’.

There is need to reshape systems of governance, structures of power and life as a whole in Zambia and many African countries so that Africans can decide their future and do away with prescribed existence.

About the author:

Mwiza Bwali is a Zambian author and student of Politics and International Relations at the University of Lusaka, he published “In Awe We Stare”as his first book at the age of 19 and “Searching for Stability” as his second book at the age of 20.


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