Zambia is not a theocracy, don’t de-register UPND in the name of gay or lesbian rights: we are already a good liberal democracy

By Chris Zumani Zimba


Africa Liberal NetworkOn 9th October, 2019, Kanchibiya Member of Parliament, Hon. Martin Malama moved a private member’s motion seeking Parliament’s support to ban political parties and organizations that support Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender rights in Zambia. To the annoyance of most MPs from the opposition, he argued that the United Party for National Development (UPND) must be banned in Zambia as it is officially affiliated to the African Liberal Network- ALN which supports homosexual rights. Mr. Malama said that Zambia is a Christian Nation and people must not subscribe to such liberal values.


Let us put politics aside and critically analyze this motion.

  1. Banning or de-registering UPND for being a member of Africa Liberal Network is both politically divisive, provocative and misplaced because UPND is the largest opposition party with multiple MPs. The motion seeks to vomit political Armageddon and chaos.
  1. How and why should one dare think and even talk about de-registering the largest party, UPND in the name of Jesus Christ or Christianity? Jesus Christ himself laughed, loved, ate and interacted with everyone including commercial sex workers.
  1. How Christian is our ruling party PF, MMD, NAREP, Socialist party, FDD ? Political honest reveal that the integrity levels among many of Zambian politicians across board wear the same jacket of morality whether Christian or not.
  1. What is so “Christian Nation” about Zambia if our civil service is smiling overt abuse of public resources and corruption everywhere while the country is sinking in extraordinary levels of child marriages, teenage pregnancies, child prostitution, defilements, rape, adultery, divorces, alcohol abuse, and all forms of social vices?
  1. Is Zambia not a ratified and proud member of the UN, which is the pioneer institution in protecting and supporting gay and lesbian rights?
  1. Belonging may or does not mean supporting: let us counter check the UPND Constitution and campaign manifesto if at all they support gay rights.
  1. And if they support gay and lesbian rights, leave to them to voters’ judgement. Let Zambian voters reject them in periodical national elections as opposed to initiating such undemocratic law to ban them. The motion is wrong, malicious, bad, evil, misplaced and must be red carded.
  1. Is the Zambian government through the Ministry of Health and National AIDS Council (NAC) not happily and consistently receiving HIV financial support from the HIV Global Fund with a clear condition to supporting “KEY POPULATIONS” on Zambian soil?
  1. Are we going to denounce the Zambian state for supporting “key populations” by anointing the health sector with a Holy Cross? Will Hon. Malama propose another parliamentary motion to denounce the Zambian government in the name of Christianity for enhancing such liberal values?
  1. Doesn’t Hon. Malama know that Zambia is already a liberal democracy?  What is Christian about promoting gender equality where men and women, boys and girls are treated the same in everything and everywhere?

UPND and ALN.jpgDespite having the Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, Zambia is generally running offside daily in the eyes of God. The founder of Christianity- Jesus Christ himself would surely denounce the majority citizens of this Brothel State we call a Christian Nation if He came today because, many fail to run with His teachings  such as “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”; “let only God be the judge”; “don’t remove a stone in your brother’s eye when you have rock in yours”.

For once, let us be honest and serious as noble and equal citizens because Jesus Christ demands true love, forgiveness, grace, integrity and mutual tolerance from all his followers-I rarely see this from all our leaders including the Reverend Minister running the Ministry of Christianity herself; her Ministry of religion seem to have zero or low impact in raising national uprightness, unit and brotherly love in Zambia.

Chris Zumani Zimba is a prolific Zambian Political Scientist, Policy Analyst, Author, Blogger, PhD Scholar, Researcher, Consultant, Public Health and Tobacco Control Advocate. So far, he has authored more than 10 political and academic books as well as published over 100 well researched articles. or; +260 973 153 815 for calls or WhatsApp. This article is made possible by Centre for Multiple Democracies, Good Governance and Peace (MDGGP) under Chrizzima Democracy University (CDU). But the views are attributed to the author and not CDU. 

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