Who We Are

CoverJournalAfrodemocracy Journal is an online media platform under the auspices of Chrizzima Democracy University (CDU). The Journal is meant to critically interrogate and defending the core values of democracy, good governance and human rights  in Zambia and across Africa from an African perspective. This is because, CDU is founded on the theoretical premise of the concept of “Multiple Democracies”, a theory developed in 2012 by Chris Zumani Zimba, CDU founder in his final Masters Thesis at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. According to this theory, there is democracy which is American, European, Asian, African or Latin America; a democracy which is Nigerian, Indian, French, Zambian, Egyptian, Taiwanese, Brazilian, Russian, Canadian, Ethiopian, British, Swedish or Chinese; a democracy which is Christian, Secular, Islam, Traditional, Hindu or Jewish in nature-hence “Multiple Democracies”